Giving Back

Dr. Gyselinck has always believed in giving back. In his dental career, has has taken part in 10 international mission trips, where he has provided dental services to people who have not had access to that level of care, and construction services as well. His mission trips have taken him to many places. Dr Gyselinck and his family have found these trips to be amazing experiences.

“I would tell anyone to do the same thing. There is something very gratifying about being on vacation in a beautiful place, while also giving back and helping the local community. I want to share these pictures to encourage others that these type of family trips can be fun, educational, and fulfilling.” – Dr. G


Below are pictures of one of our 12 trips to Costa Rica. We built a sidewalk, painted and attended a Costa Rican bible school.










Here are pictures of one of our medical mission trips in Guatemala. We traveled to Nebaj about a 8 hour drive from Guatamala City. Nebaj is located in the mountains and the many of the natives still wear the traditional clothing. There are pictures of the hospital/clinic, the dental clinic and the patients as they are triaged and wait. Spanish is their second language. Located in the Ixil triangle are three cities of which Nebaj is one. The Ixiles, as people from the region are called, are one of the smallest ethnic groups in Central America. Aside from their award winning weaving, they are known for their tenacious adherence to a traditional way of life, their harmonic manner of living in tune with the environment, and their resourcefulness. They hold lively fiestas held in honor of patron saints and Mayan deities.